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Watsons Turkey are hoping to take the top spot at the European eCommerce Awards

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Published Date 19.07.2023

Watsons Turkey is the largest O+O (online + offline) retailer of health and beauty products in the country. Boasting over of more than 360 shops in 61 provinces and 3,000 employees, we play a very important role in our target market, so we constantly focus on following the new trends and meeting our customers’ expectations.
How do we do it? By an everyday commitment on to make our clients’ lives as easy and satisfying as possible!

At Watsons company we aim to improve customers’ lives by offering excellent service and a wide range of high quality products at unbeatable prices not only in shops but also online with an innovative website that aims to be consistent with the user experience in the store through continuous improvements.
One of our distinguishing quality is certainly our ability to accommodate and satisfy the needs of our customers: every year, more than 5.5 billion customers choose Watsons for their purchases, and not only because of the wide variety of high-quality products at affordable prices, but also because of a loyalty system that rewards the most loyal customers with extraordinary benefits!
Our main driver is our customers’ satisfaction; everything is thought out and designed to meet their expectations by making the shopping experience smooth and rewarding.
To do this we leverage the main pillars of our strategy: promotions and loyalty. Starting with promotions, our site is structured to provide customers with the clearest view of active promotions by going to create many touch points throughout the customer journey: starting from the homepage and with the help of pop-ups to the shopping cart we make sure the user doesn’t miss any deal. Our system of personalized suggestions also shows the customer which products are selected for them based on criteria such as past searches and purchases already made, so they can easily and immediately add them both to the wish list and to the cart already from the Product Listing Page with just one click!
The loyalty program is definitely another strength of our brand. To thank our most loyal customers for their trust and their choice to continue shopping at Watsons, we have structured a loyalty program that offers unique benefits, where one of the most popular is the ability to complete a purchase directly using loyalty points as a method of payment along with gift cards and credit cards.
But Watsons’ commitment goes beyond great product offerings and a loyalty system tailored for our customers, another key to our customer-centric approach is to provide them with inspiration and keep them informed. That’s why we take care to enrich the blog section of our site as much as possible. Indeed, users can find there a wealth of articles, tutorials, tips, videos, live sessions and informative content, enabling consumers to be more informed not only about the products they use most often but also about new trends and innovations in the health and beauty industry.
In terms of innovation, through our internal teams, we monitor market trends and try to adapt reactively to keep up with what customers expect to find on our website. One of the innovative tools implemented recently that we are very proud of is the “Watsons Shopping Assistant” that, with about 35k interactions per month, helps us improve the shopping experience by making the customer feel supported at all times. This is a dedicated, intelligent chat tool that allows users who need it to receive assistance throughout all the customer journey’s steps by simply clicking on an always visible pop-up and allowing the tool to provide quick and effective support through simple questions.

We believe success in eCommerce requires a marvelous team work and a very high commitment! Our team works with a very high passion for constant improvement, dreams for better and better every day and always have fun while doing this job! The team is talented and constantly strives to pick up on the changing signals in terms of our clients’ needs, follow trends, and respond appropriately to stay ahead of the curve. We serve our clients and strive hard to exceed their expectations once again. Why is it important for us to achieve this award? It would be the ultimate proof of our commitment and passion to proudly share with everyone. We embrace change, ride trends and deliver on our promise to our clients: to make our clients’ lives a breeze and enable them to ‘look good, do good and feel good’ every single day!”

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