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Post-purchase experience provider parcelLab is recognized for its commitment to revolutionizing eCommerce and building customer loyalty

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Published Date 12.07.2023

The team at parcelLab is excited to be acknowledged as a premier provider of post-purchase customer experience at the European eCommerce Awards for the eCommerce Innovation Award. parcelLabis the only global enterprise post-purchase software provider, enabling brands to increase top-line revenue, decrease operational cost, and optimize customer experience in an unprecedented way.

The platform empowers brands including FARFETCH and Berlin Brands Group (BBG) to transform mundane operational touchpoints into the most differentiated and personalized experience, creating unique moments of pure joy for their customers.   

Building brand loyalty

53% of shoppers say that the post-purchase is the most emotional part of their shopping journey. This proves the retail journey doesn’t end at the point of purchase and what happens after the checkout stage is essential to drive revenue. Retailers are looking to create a lasting brand voice that makes customers want to come back for more.

parcelLab is committed to innovating to help clients drive sustained revenue growth through value–add customer touchpoints that extend beyond transactional. Its solution helps brands drive customer loyalty by providing proactive communications about orders and estimated delivery dates to keep customers more informed, increasing customer satisfaction, engagement and brand loyalty.

parcelLab communications are 100% white–labeled, enabling the brand to fully customize touch points with on-brand messaging. This solution has led customers to see a 17% increase in their net promoter score (NPS) from their customers on average. This is key as retail continues to shift online – brands are looking to provide customers with exciting, tailored experiences that are dynamic and engaging.

The platform also provides highly accurate customer communications to ensure customers are always receiving the most up to date information by auto-correcting courier mistakes which can happen on as many as 60% of brands’ shipments. This is a win-win for everyone, ensuring customers are never left in the dark during the delivery process. Providing this radical transparency further builds a loyal customer base to drive repeated sales and help the business increase revenue.

Empowering global growth

eCommerce in the modern day is a cross-border affair, and parcelLab is the only truly global post-purchase experience platform with capabilities across 175 countries and capabilities that cover over 350 carriers worldwide. This flexibility ensures the parcelLab platform can scale along with the company to meet their needs for years to come.

With an implementation period of 90 days or less, businesses can quickly increase revenue through segmented and personalized post-purchase communications that enable cross-sell/upsell opportunities, heightened website traffic and an increase in conversion rates.  

62% of customers are unlikely to reengage with a brand that provided a poor or inconvenient returns experience. parcelLab’s returns solutions gives brands the ability to own their returns processes and the flexibility and customization options with the customer in the mind. Tailored for each brand, customers can see a 200-400% increase in web traffic by hosting their returns portal directly on their website instead of with a third party. The full customization features enable $4-8 million in additional top-line revenue compared to direct competitors.

Brands can also reduce operational costs by driving heightened efficiency. Proactive event-driven communications mean less calls to customer support from customers inquiring about the status of their order or return. Customers have experienced reduced call handling time by 10-20% and reduced where is my order (WISMO) inquiries by half. parcelLab simultaneously provides a seamless customer experience while also decreasing overhead costs, allowing brands to stand-out in the market.

Trusted by top retailers

Retailers continue to turn to parcelLab to transform their post purchase experience and drive sustained growth.

FARFETCH, an extensive online marketplace offering a unique selection of luxury brands, wanted control of customer communication across its 190 countries it operates in. Partnering with parcelLab allowed FARFETCH to consolidate multiple orders and tracking links into the same communication and tracking page. The brand now has more options than ever to communicate with their wide customer base, decreasing customer service inquiry rates and reducing inquiry resolution time across the board. FARFETCH now reports 79% returning customers and 72% positive feedback communications.

Berlin Brands Group (BBG), a multi-brand retailer, wanted to increase brand impression on customers. The company partnered with parcelLab for communications in 12 languages – including proactive and personalized shipping updates, delay notifications, alternative delivery requests and more. Shortly after implementation, the live Order Status page on the brand’s website already reduced their customer service inquiries by 24%.

The European eCommerce Awards  

parcelLab is honored to be shortlisted in these prestigious awards alongside our industry peers in recognition of our efforts driving the ecommerce industry forward. The post-purchase experience is a critical time for brands and overlooked touchpoints can decrease brand sentiment with customers along with revenue. We continue to innovate to help our customers overcome their ecommerce challenges and build meaningful customer touchpoints after the point of sale that drive continued brand loyalty and sustained growth.

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