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Youwe are shortlisted for 4 awards!

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Published Date 06.07.2023

Youwe are eagerly awaiting the results of this year’s European Ecommerce Awards 2023 after being shortlisted in 4 categories: European Ecommerce Large Agency of the Year, European Ecommerce Search Campaign of the Year, European Ecommerce Website of the Year, and European Sports, Leisure, Toys Ecommerce Website of the Year.

At a glance

Youwe is a full-service Digital Agency founded in 2002 with a diverse and international network of over 300 experts. Our primary goal is to empower businesses with tailored solutions designed to drive revenue growth, enhance profit margins, shorten time-to-market and boost operational efficiency. With our comprehensive suite of services including E-commerce, Data Management, Experience Design, Content Management, Digital Strategy, Marketing Automation and PPC/SEO; we focus on delivering the results that matter most. With nine offices across Europe, we combine cross-border capabilities with local knowledge and help our clients stay ahead and go beyond in the digital world.

Our Nominations:

European Ecommerce Large Agency of the Year

Youwe aspire to be strategic partners with our merchants; offering client-led, digital excellence to revolutionise the running and the success of their business. We take pride in understanding their aims and objectives. Our ambition is to be the leading European full-service digital agency and through our growth strategy so far, we have gone from 150 to 300+ employees within 3 years and expanded our footprint to Sweden and the UK. The two UK mergers and rebranding projects have reinforced our presence in the UK, where we strive to be a strong ally to our technology partners and local customers. We champion new technology and keep up to date with the latest developments. We also take pride in working with the world’s leading technology partners, ensuring we can offer personalised experiences beyond customer expectations.

Rob Wiek, CEO of Youwe commented: “We are delighted to be shortlisted for these prestigious agency awards. It validates our team’s exceptional talent and unwavering commitment. We stand poised to make a mark, inspiring change and redefining industry standards and these awards validate our work.”

European Ecommerce Search Campaign of the Year

Youwe achieved significant success in their PPC campaign to promote King’s Coronation merchandise for awards supplier, TrophiesPlusMedals (TPM). 

It ran from Feb 1st to May 1st, 2023, successfully positioning TPM as the go-to destination for King’s Coronation merchandise online. The campaign generated remarkable growth, pre-qualified purchases, showcased their brand identity, and exceeded revenue targets while maintaining the desired ROAS. It achieved all targets including sales volume and revenue targets, and is a showcase piece for the work we do here at Youwe.

Our expertise lies in leveraging our specialised knowledge to enhance online presence and optimise business outcomes. We are dedicated to driving targeted traffic, increasing conversions, and maximising your return on investment through our extensive range of services.

Camilla Marsh, Online Marketeer at Youwe, commented: “When clients choose Youwe, they choose a team of seasoned commercial specialists who work together to achieve data-driven success. We meticulously analyse every aspect of the campaigns we work on, identifying growth opportunities and leveraging our extensive knowledge to maximise ROI.” 

European Ecommerce Website of the Year

Before approaching Youwe, VuFold, a business specialising in the manufacture and sale of Bi-folding doors, had a site that ran on Adobe Open Source which they wanted to replace with a new build on Adobe 2, using the new Hyvä Themes frontend.

Key objectives of the project included retaining and improving all existing functionality whilst simplifying the technology and administration, improving performance and speed, and delivering clear improvements to the user experience which ultimately improves the customer journey.

Throughout this project, we encountered various challenges, and in addition, we also adopted a new technology, Hyvä. Despite its early stages of development, we showcased our ingenuity and resourcefulness by achieving success with Hyvä even before other agencies were willing to take the risk of adopting it.

Chris Molloy, Delivery Manager at Youwe, commented: “The challenge of retaining and improving an already successful site was incredibly difficult with significant risks to SEO. We combined the necessary platform migration, with a re-imagining of the look and feel whilst embracing the latest innovations. The VuFold website is now a showcase that demonstrates the power of Adobe Commerce and Hyvä when managed by a certified, full-service digital agency.”

European Sports, Leisure, Toys Ecommerce Website of the Year

In search of a new e-commerce partner with the expertise and collaborative mindset to become an integral, decisive component of its business, AGU (a Dutch cycling brand) found its perfect match in Youwe.

We upgraded AGU’s open-source, old Magento shop to Magento Commerce, added functionalities and expanded the offering to multiple countries. Within 3 months, we had released the MVP and within 6 months, we started integrating more of a landscape with Alumio. We also started automating various aspects to ensure AGU were able to keep up with demand as the market started to grow, and designed and deployed a comprehensive CRO strategy, focusing on all stages of the customer journey.

Tabitha Karta, Customer Success Manager at Youwe commented: “This project was highly complex with the wish to expand their offering across many different regions. AGU is a strong webshop that has grown exponentially over the last 2 years with our strategic partnership and continuous improvement, and it’s now at the brink of big change. Their website is a showcase of best-in-class implementation and use.”

How we feel about being shortlisted

It’s fantastic to have been nominated in 4 categories, it’s been the talk of the offices recently and it is credit to the whole team.

We strive to stay on top of emerging technology trends and market shifts to remain experts in the industry. However, what sets us apart is not just our knowledge and proficiency. We go beyond that, serving as trusted advisors and strategic partners to numerous clients. We foster a culture of leadership, transparency and support and our unique approach empowers our team and clients to work together and create remarkable digital transformations.

Our slogan ‘Stay Ahead. Go Beyond’ embodies what we are always aiming to achieve: staying ahead of the curve, driving growth and delivering exceptional results for our valued clients.

Steve Hulmes, Youwe UK Managing Director said: “We are delighted to be nominated for four of the prestigious European Ecommerce Awards. To be selected as finalists in these categories is testament to the wonderful work our team of experts produce. For us, it’s a great way to showcase and celebrate the hard work our strategy and creative teams across Europe, put into each digital transformation.”

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