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Pinkcube – Effortlessly the best result!

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Published Date 05.07.2023

Our slogan is what we get up with and go to bed with every day: “effortlessly the best result”. Lovely words, which we live up to through our website. The world of printing and promotional items can be very complex for the end user. Through many printing techniques, product options and price differences, the end customer quickly loses his way in the order process. Fortunately, judging by our figures, not with us! The customer journey is central on a daily basis through a dedicated category manager, e-commerce manager and marketing manager leading by a great COO. Our overall rating of 9.3 based on 10166 reviews means customers can happily agree with us.

After a dip in sales due to the severe lockdown at the end of 2021, Pinkcube switched to a full sprint early in the year. We grew incredibly fast while continuing to improve and innovate. In 2022, we launched a new logo, a new corporate identity, started in Spain and welcomed approximately 17 new colleagues. ‘’Quote Liselotte; Covid hit us hard. No one needed promotional products for events and shops were closed. The team’s resilience to fight back and break sales records has amazed and inspired me.’’

Our tremendous growth is reflected in the turnover figures on the Dutch market. Compared to 2021 – 2022 saw a turnover increase of 65%.

How have we managed to achieve this growth?

1. In 2022, we were constantly innovating and improving our e-commerce platform. For example, a new stock tool has been implemented. At a glance, customers can see a product’s stock and delivery time. This contributes to an optimal customer experience.
2. Pinkcube offers a wide range of up to 16,000 products including a sustainable offer. So there is always an item that matches the customer’s wishes and needs.

3. Through clever marketing in cooperation with the e-commerce team (ad campaigns), we attracted the high demand in the market to our e-commerce platform.
4. Our marketing team started big marketing campaigns early in the year, such as the end-of-year campaign. So we were always on point with the customer needs seasonality wise.

5. We introduced new core values. Pinkcube’s core values are: inclusiveness, environmentally conscious, decisive, enterprising and noaberschap ( If we win the award, we will definitely tell more about this!).
6. Thanks to the growth of our team, we were able to cope with strong crowds. The collaboration between our colleagues and team went super well. There was good switching between the Sales, Service and Graphic team, allowing customers to order the most beautiful promotional items effortlessly. Good staffing of the Sales team ensured that every customer was helped as quickly as possible, even during busy times. This played a hugely important role in our growth.

The unique aspect about our website for our customers is the following;

In times of pressure, chaos and lack of time, you want to use your energy and time as usefully as possible. We understand anno 2023 that in many cases time means money. You can have great marketing, shiny images and slick product descriptions. Customers are looking for reliability and speed. Through surveys, focus groups and a very dedicated and careful team of e-commerce specialists, we know exactly what customers want and respond

to it through our own design system. In this, customer journey tickets always take precedence over any kind of innovation by our development team. And fortunately, we see this reflected not only in sales figures and growth, but especially in our customer satisfaction score: 9.3 based on 10166 reviews.

Our ambitions for 2023/2024:

Working every day to achieve even better results. That is not something special at Pinkcube, but the normal course of events we live by every day. Compared to 2022, we aim for a 22% increase in turnover in 2023. This is part of our growth strategy for the coming years.

By innovating every day and improving our e-commerce platform, we will set up a customer journey in the best and especially effortlessly possible way. In 2023, we will optimize our multichannel marketing strategy for a more personalized and segmented market approach through smart use of our customer data. Thus, we are confident that we will achieve our target.

Quote Maron – International Marketing Manager

‘’What a thrilling news that we have been shortlisted for a European carried award nomination. After all the work and effort we put in to deliver quality and results internationally (Belgium & Spain). This is a real boost for the team and especially for our COO Liselotte Leijten. What a commitment and determination she has shown to keep the spirit going during a crisis like Corona. And then also achieving the largest ever growth in Pinkcube’s history is of course worthy of mention! Extra special that we nominated her on behalf of all colleagues for the E-Commerce Business Person of the year. ‘’

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