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MSTAGE is going for gold at the European E-Commerce Awards

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Published Date 04.07.2023

MSTAGE means 100% e-commerce – We are pure players out of conviction. As an e-commerce agency specializing in medium-sized to large e-commerce projects, our services focus on everything that is required for an all-encompassing e-commerce project: from digital consulting to design, conception and implementation to the continuous optimization of the online shop – all accompanied by structured project management, which translates customer wishes into realizable requirements.

Let’s get a look behind the scenes:

As most agencies, we started very small more than 10 years ago but from day one we have always wanted to be the best possible partner for our customers and help them build a successful e-commerce business. Therefore, last year we decided to team up with one of our former competitors in order to be able to serve projects with ever greater scope and more diverse demands even better in the future. Cooperation, benefiting from each other’s knowledge and an enriching work environment were in the focus of the fusion. By the end of 2022 we officially merged and are now the biggest e-commerce competence group in Austria. The number of experts with focus on e-commerce is unique. We managed to double the headcount through this merger to over 30 people and have also been growing since then.

In May we celebrated the first six months of the merger. A change of this magnitude always represents a certain risk and is challenging in many ways but it turned out to be the best decision for us as a company but most important also for every single team member. Although we now have several company locations, there was a bond right from the start. We are already working on some new projects across locations, which works even better than expected and confirms to us that we made the right decision.

Through the merger we have not only been able to grow the number of employees but also won new customers. We are constantly working on and developing new services to better support our customers in growing their e-business and make workflows even more efficient.
One of these new services is our data driven consulting, which we are putting more emphasis on, as many (even large) companies still base their decisions on gut feeling instead of facts and insights.

Of course, we have also dealt extensively with hot topics like ChatGPT (or AI in general). Not only do we work with these technologies ourselves, we also want our customers to understand how they can be used and what potential they have – for example in tailor-made workshops.

What makes us outstanding:

  • ●  biggest agency with focus on 100% e-commerce within Austria
  • ●  ongoing expansion of our services and know-how (e.g. content management, data driven consulting, Shopify Plus)
  • ●  outstanding teamwork and team spirit
  • ●  exceptional number of experts (e.g. Magento Master, other Magento certificates, Shopware certified developers)
  • ●  always striving to be the best partner for our customers

“We are delighted that we have been shortlisted for even two European E-commerce Awards. The last year has been quite intense for the entire industry, but most of all it has been a major test for our team – on the one hand with innovative technologies having a massive impact on so many aspects ofe-commerce, on the other hand with the merger of our company. Although we’ve put a lot of effort and work into it over the last few months, we’ve never neglected the fun and quality has never suffered. This nomination for the award shows us that we are on the right track and gives us the motivation to continue doing what we love most – helping our customers grow.” – Mario Lengauer, CEO, MSTAGE GmbH

Learn more about MSTAGE, our team and the way we work here.

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