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Media4U & R-GOL share the same goal – co-operation!

Author image Published by Sue Johns-Chapman
Published Date 03.10.2022

We are united by passion and experience

At Media4U we have been working on e-commerce projects for over 20 years. During this time, we have made many changes to improve the functioning of online shops. As we attach great importance to quality, we enjoy the trust of our customers. We like to take on challenges because we know they guarantee our development.

We are delighted one such partnership, our project and collaboration with the company R-GOL, which like us, has been expanding its operations in the market since 2000 has been nominated for a European eCommerce Award.

R-GOL is the largest in Poland and one of the largest football stores in Europe. The company builds a brand based on a variety of products. In its offer, it has an assortment that is suitable for both professionals and amateurs. Football schools and football clubs also shop here.

R-GOL runs an official shop for fans of the Polish national football team. There are about 8000 products in its range. The e-shop is available in 13 languages. In addition to online sales, R-GOL has stationary stores in 6 cities in Poland and in the capital of Slovakia – Bratislava.

About our cooperation

The collaboration with the company R-GOL is another in our portfolio, in which we present innovative solutions for online shops. Because we like to overcome technological barriers, we help brands reach a higher level of business. We respond to each customer individually by suggesting a customized design plan. The dedicated approach led to the development of Cartalo’s own software, which is tailored to the needs of today’s sales management to sell products from almost all industries. Cartalooffers the option to enter any language and currency to make easier browsing websites and complete transactions. Experience shows that our customers are satisfied with the results of our collaboration. This shows numerous recommendations in which the benefits are mentioned, with the most important – the increase in sales.

‘Commitment and communication – these are, in my opinion, the most important values in working together. Both features clearly set Media4U apart from the competition. After almost 3 years of working together, I am sure that we have made the right choice and the following projects, which were carried out with great professionalism, reinforce my conviction.” – Wojciech Radziwon, Marketing&E-Commerce Director at R-GOL. com

What were we trying to achieve?

When developing solutions for the R-GOL brand, the main goal was to improve the app experience on mobile devices. In times of mobile freedom, mobile phone transactions are increasing. For this reason, users of mobile applications have become the target group.

Design and functionality – the first step to successful sales

The main goal we established before work began, was to provide the user-friendliness of the application. That’s why we focused on a simple design that allowed intuitive navigation through the website. We optimized the user interface with simple assumptions. Key elements such as the search engine, the USP bar and the customer support contact are placed in conspicuous places on the screen. We expanded the functionality of the search engine with suggestions that correspond to the products that are available in large quantities. The effect? The factual placement and coherent graphics of the message contributed to a positive user experience. So we encouraged them to stay in our app.

Time for the product

Users like news, so the homepage of R-GOL. com featured advertising campaigns and new product offers. We placed them on the main banner by adding a “Call to Action” button that takes you to the appropriate place on the page. When you switch to product categories, you see an assortment that you can filter and sort according to your shopping preferences. To simplify the browsing process, we added the pagination below the last product line.

In addition, there is also the option to personalize the product. Customers can choose from a variety of colours, labels and names of football teams and decide what the product they receive should be. At the end, they add the order to the shopping cart, which is clearly marked on the right side of the product visualization.

All items on the product card have been adapted to the mobile version of the e-store. We don’t like to test our eyes, so pictures, buttons and subtitles represent responsive sizes. A click on the shopping cart takes you to the second step, in which the customer can easily complete their order.

Let’s take a look at the order processing. . .

We got it! The user starts with the purchase. In our work, this is the last straight line. We know how complex the process of order processing can be, especially when it comes to the phone. For this reason, we have tried to find a friendly solution that will help clients to quickly go through the final phase of their purchase.

If the user goes to the shopping cart, they can still can make some changes. The user also sees the available payment methods and forms of delivery. All variants are indicated under the order. Thereby  customers don’t have to look around the page, because what’s most important is in one place.

In the next step, the user is prompted to log in to their account, register on the website or complete the purchase as a guest. After that, the only thing left is choice of payment, delivery as well as the indication of the shipping data. And… that’s all! The visible button “Buy and Pay” completes the entire ordering process.

Our results

A simple, intuitive layout that ensures a positive shopping experience – that’s the basic idea we follow when developing new solutions. We are satisfied that our work contributes to improving the quality of sales service at R-GOL. com.

In April 2021, according to Google Analytics, the number of sessions on the website on mobile devices was 75% and the number of transactions was 55%. Numbers don’t lie, shopping on mobile phones has become an important part of our lives. Following the trend of the present, R-GOL is building up its good brand and has been doing together with us for 3 years!

Media 4U & R-Gol are finalists for the 2022 European eCommerce Awards.

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