Movable Ink: The content personalisation software powering 1:1 customer experiences

Marketers have invested heavily in data to drive personalisation. They are able to imagine thousands of customer journeys but only have content for a handful of unique experiences.Their data can be dynamic but their content is static, causing them to fall short of meeting their customers’ evolving expectations. Furthermore, today’s lengthy production processes cannot deliver personalised content, at scale, to support each one-to-one interaction. Content is therefore the bottleneck to personalisation most of the time, not data.

Movable Ink activates any data into personalised content in any customer engagement. It is a powerful extension to the technologies that marketers use today. Content easily connects to all relevant data no matter where it lives, updates based upon a recipient’s recent interactions, and is auto-generated by the platform. The world’s most innovative eCommerce brands rely on Movable Ink to drive customer engagement and accelerate marketing performance.

Movable Ink is truly paving the way for cloud technology innovation in email and mobile marketing by providing brands with revolutionary marketing solutions that build value, increase loyalty, retention, and acquisition—all to achieve marketing success. 

A key player in the global eCommerce landscape, Movable Ink works with 9 of the top global apparel brands (Brand Finance Brandirectory 2022).

Leading European and global brands leverage Movable Ink to earn attention in a world where time is precious and creativity is power. In collaboration with Movable Ink, these brands were able to create automated, evergreen campaigns that can easily scale and be used across multiple acquisition and engagement touchpoints.

In Movable Ink’s most recent Audience of One: Getting Personalisation Right report, two-thirds of consumers shared their willingness to exchange personal information for personalised communications. In the same vein, two in five consumers said that irrelevant content is one of the top two reasons they would unsubscribe from branded communication. 

Guiding and enabling clients to get personalisation ‘right’ to drive the utmost value for their customers is a great part of the company’s raison d’etre, and Movable Ink is proud to see its technology endorsed as a finalist for the European eCommerce Awards.

You can learn more about Movable Ink on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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